Taurus parent child compatibility

A Leo child can be bossy and demanding, and Mom will draw the line. The most important thing for Mom to remember is that it's better to criticize and correct this child privately than to call her out in front of anyone and hurt her sensitive pride. A Taurus mom is an indulgent, easy-going, and good-natured parent, while a Virgo child tends to be a reserved, selfless, and self-critical perfectionist. These are anxious and fussy kids who'll thrive in the care of a stable and calm Taurus mom. She's a mom who can reassure them with love and praise, while also gently guiding them to relax and be less anxious.

The most important thing for a Taurus mom to do is to step out of herself a bit and add some joy, humor, and frivolity to her shy Virgo child's life. Like his Taurus mom, a Libra child is drawn to comfort, pleasure, and beauty.

Taurus Father — Aries Child

They are sweet, affectionate, talkative kids with a need to please others. Because of their "need to be nice," they seldom argue, fight, or stick up for themselves. While this child's penchant for acquiescing to others makes mothering him easy and pleasant, a Taurus mom understands that he needs to learn to make his own decisions and stand up for himself.

Her honest, no-nonsense attitude and a practical, down-to-earth approach to mothering can aid her Libra child in gaining the self-confidence necessary to stop waffling and politely speak his mind openly and honestly. A Scorpio child is as complex and intense as her Taurus mom is uncomplicated and good-natured. These kids are born suspicious and must learn to trust, and a Taurus mom's loving, protective, stable, and consistent style of mothering will instill them with trust in her.

A Scorpio child will also hide her feelings and emotions, so when they get quiet and sulky, Mom should assume something is bothering her and use her gentle, patient, good-hearted nature to draw those feeling out and talk about them. The most important thing a Taurus mom can do for her Scorpio child is to establish trust and keep all avenues of communication open. A Sagittarius child is honest, has a happy heart, and is always on the move.

Naturally energetic, curious, and boisterous, he wants little more than to get out and roam, while Mom is happier in the peace and quiet of home. A Sagittarian child has a problem understanding rules, boundaries, or limits, and his wild nature can severely test a Taurus mom's patience. As mellow as a Taurus mom is, is she does have a temper. But instead of losing it, she would be smarter to calmly tell her child why she wants him to behave, explain the rules he doesn't seem to understand, and offer insights on why they are necessary.

A Taurus mom and her Capricorn child share a grounded and practical approach to life. However, Mom is more indulgent and pleasure-seeking than her child. These responsible kids are precocious, solitary, and shy. They won't stress their "common-sense" mom with crazy antics or impulsive actions. Capricorn children are loving children who feel they have to earn mom's love and will work hard to do it. They have a delightful sense of humor but are not as good-natured as their mom and can be fiercely competitive.

All Mom need do is show them she respects and admires their goals, love and indulge them, and teach them that it's OK to play and do things for the sheer pleasure and joy of it. A Taurus mom is all about comfort and familiarity, and her Aquarius child is far more interested in what's different and unusual. An Aquarius child has a curious emotional self-sufficiency, an ingrained need for independence, and is not particularly responsive to mom's kisses and hugs.

This child's actions, ideas, and friends will sometimes worry or baffle her more conventional Taurus mom. However, it's best for Mom to shake her head affectionately and let this kid pursue her interests, no matter how odd they seem to her. A Taurus mom can show her love for her Aquarian child by embracing and encouraging her unique brilliance and giving her the freedom to explore life in her way.

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A gentle and protective Taurus mom and a sweet and sensitive Pisces child seem to be made for one another. Pisces children are extremely sensitive and needy, but a Taurus mom is naturally affectionate and can give a Pisces child all the love and support he needs.

Taurus Relationship, Taurus Compatability

He also tends to live in a fantasy world of his own. Mom appreciates his creativity and is willing to play along from time to time, but her earthy presence can gently ground him in the here and now. Pisces are trusting children, who lack common sense. A Taurus mom is no pushover, and she'll make sure her impressionable Pisces child doesn't fall under the spell of a troubled peer.

At the moment a child is born, nature meets nurture. Better for Cancer to give the Bull what it wants, and stash away a separate fund for indulging beloved baby. The contest begins when one parent tries to out-do the other at their particular plan for protecting the child. You should also always try to present a united front to the child. Because both of you are so settled on doing things your way, you may not notice when your little one uses the ensuing dispute to distract parents while they go their own way Your respective skill sets are distinct, but also almost perfectly compatible.

Taurus Relationship

Taurus is good at providing material comforts and keeping the home calm and peaceful. Both of you will have much to say to your child about the "right" way to do things. Do you think personal issues might be interfering with your ability to maintain a healthy relationship?

8 Things to Know About Your Taurus Child

Because both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, you two get along as co-parents, but not because you always see things the same way. Libra will usually avoid arguments. Direct discussions of every joint decision will make your parenting road much smoother!

taylor.evolt.org/mefud-alburquerque-dating-apps.php Many people might look at your "forceful" personalities and wonder how you ever wound up in a position to be parents in the first place; but the truth is this is a match made in heaven. Indeed, you two are each very set in your ways. The Taurus parent will equip the child with the means and knowledge necessary to acquire material wealth, while Scorpio will teach the ability to read people and set the highest standards for excellence. Your children will not be strangers to the concept of over-achievement. Having parents like you will give your children a wide range of attitudes to learn and grow with.

Your house will probably be filled with laughter, too, because both Taurus and Sagittarius can always find the funny side of most situations. When the children need discipline, Sagittarius will be able to think of ways that justice can be done, while Taurus will follow through with the plan.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius will have to encourage Taurus to allow the family to take fun vacation trips and find other ways to broaden their horizons. You two can definitely find a balance between work and play, and raise children whose values include ambition and fairness.

Parents-Child Compatibility by Astrology - Aacharya Satish Awasthi - LWA

Ignite your personal power! Check out our Revelation Tarot reading for the guidance you need for a breakthrough. You two make a grounded pair that will work together to build a wall that protects and nurtures your children. Although you have your feet planted firmly in the material world, your two signs also have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Taurus will get down on the floor to cuddle and wrestle, while Capricorn will find fun ways to teach strategy games and practical skills -- like how to count money or do grocery shopping.

Both of you will tend to expect your children to act more grown up than they really are at any given stage of development.