Taurus ascendant compatibility

You have endurance and can adapt easily to change, but only if you yourself want it. You are very stubborn and no one can influence you or make you change your mind. You have great creative talents in the arts, handicrafts and, especially, DIY. In general, you are a person who steadily follows your vision and tries to succeed in all your goals.

If you start to feel that things are in a rut, then you step back, relax and laze around until you have recharged your batteries and can enter the fray once more. Taurus Ascendant Personality Traits One of the biggest concerns for a person with Ascendant in Taurus, is the need for security and being surrounded by people who will support them in difficult times.

Taurus Ascendant Woman Taurus Ascendant women tend to hold back from expressing their feelings.


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You are trying to reconcile two completely different personalities, and that requires great effort. You seem to be a joyful person and live peacefully, but you can explode at the smallest thing. You try to impose your views and often refuse to acknowledge your mistakes, with bad repercussions for your relationships.

You are a self-sufficient person and never doubt yourself. Life for you is a constant value and you want to secure your position in it. Your love for all art forms satisfies and relaxes you. You take especial care of your environment as you want to live in a beautiful, clean place and entertain the people you love. You have a natural charm that you use to network and cultivate a better interaction with those around you. You are independent and can work hard to achieve your goals. Money is very important in your life and you use it to acquire a comfortable home — even a summer home — where you can entertain people and have cosmopolitan social events.

You are very impressionable and sensitive and your behaviour depends on your feelings and mood.

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Deep down, you are a small child who is trying to find a mother in their partner as you need love and constant support. Your family and anything connected to it play an important role in your life and, for this reason, your choice of partner must be done with great care. You have a strong magnetism, which attracts opposites.

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The person who will decide to share your life with you will have to be very diplomatic in order to get their views across. You know how to win money and glory, and with honourable means. You are balanced and diplomatic. You are constantly seeking new opportunities and adapt easily to change.

In your love life you seek a faithful partner and will not enter into a serious commitment until you have weighed up the pros and cons. The double influence of Aphrodite makes you impressive both in terms of character and appearance. You are particularly emotional and romantic, with the result that you can easily create good relationships in both your emotional and social life. Creativity is vital for your life. You like to cook, be with friends, listen to music and tend to your garden. You are fairly sensitive but have become used to hiding it and displaying an independent and aggressive character.

Even so, to succeed in life you need a partner who will understand you and accept you, with all your strengths and flaws. You are particularly ambitious and ready to fight to achieve a top position. You are a fairly well-grounded, stable and sensible person. You have great ambitions and make the rights moves so as to achieve them. You also enjoy exchanging ideas, even if there are moments when you stubbornly defend yours. You are endowed with a great charm that attracts those around you. You like to acquire new knowledge and to travel.

You will spend a part of your life abroad, as a result either of your marriage or professional duties. You are stable and reliable and give yourself heart and soul to your partner. You are a fairly realistic person, pursuing material and social values and professional advancement. You want to gain a very good position that will give you financial security throughout your life so that you can have all the comforts.

Even so, your ascendant in Taurus will bring you down to earth and prevent you from taking the humanitarian actions that typify the Aquarius. Social relations, friends and teamwork energise you and make you feel useful. The intuitive power of your zodiac sign is real, but the ascendant in Taurus allows you to use your common sense in many cases, while also enabling you to approach the existential issues that concern you in a clear-headed and composed manner.

And on the hillock everything happens so pompously, as if the person is sitting on the highest peak. Who is ready to share this joy — that dear guest, in the house on the table for him everything is.

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However, outside the house, they will not yield, watching that the values — external and internal — were intact. They know how to count their forces. They enter society only when they feel threatened with their security.

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Your personality is wide, perhaps in proportion to your physique. You are kind-hearted, nice, generous; you have a big heart, in which everyone will find a place. The power of your personality cannot be overlooked. You are a leader and you always know what you need to do. People trust you, they are happy to share your thoughts and ideas. However, you are not very good at adapting, and changes can put you on both shoulder blades, especially if they are unexpected. It is difficult for you to cope with failures, both professional and personal, and you need success almost as much as you need food and water.

You often sacrifice your personal life for success, and you should know that success means very little if you are alone. Your social ambitions are great, so you try to keep in touch with the right people. Nevertheless, sometimes you help those who are in a worse situation than you, especially when you are in a bad mood.

It makes you feel very important and flatters your self-esteem.

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You are a good, reliable and loyal friend: those you care about must have all the best. Although you are a strong person, it does not take much work to touch your tender heart.

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You easily take offense, but are prone to the full forgiveness of their offenders and rarely seek revenge. You do not endure pettiness in any form.

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You have a sublime nature, strong will and noble spirit. Open and frank, you can easily flare up when you are provoked, but your anger does not last long. Although sometimes you are presumptuous and proud, you are usually self-confident and confident. Although you are obsessed with work, you feel that the world is simply bound to provide you with success — even if you have done very little to deserve it. First of all, you are obsessed with the idea of universal recognition.

You terrify your relatives with your plans for rapid enrichment and bore them to death with your failures. And what is worse, you unquestionably bring down your problems on them. Generally speaking, people mean very little to you. The only exception you make for those who can help you climb the ladder of success: they receive your undivided attention. You are ready to do everything possible to attract attention, and represent the worst kind of careerist.

Your Descendant is Taurus

When luck finally comes to you, you can not restrain your desire to tell the whole world about this. Fortunately, only the most gullible can be deceived in you. You are too important and simply can not understand that your claims for success fail because of lack of competence. As for your personal life, you do not really have time for such trifles.

But one day you will realize that you have used and discarded those who loved you as unnecessary from your life, but it will be too late. Your passions are strong, but manageable.